How to split a string in Java

<p>I have a string, <span class="inlinecode">&#34;004-034556&#34;</span> , that I want to split into two strings:</p> <pre><code>string1=004 string2=034556 </code></pre> <p>That means the first string will contain the characters before <span clas

Reverse a string in Python

<p>There is no built in <span class="inlinecode">reverse</span> function in Python&rsquo;s <span class="inlinecode">str</span> object. What is the best way of implementing this?</p> <p>If supplying a very concise answer, please elaborate on it&rsq

Strip HTML from Text JavaScript

<p>Is there an easy way to take a string of html in JavaScript and strip out the html?</p> <p><br><br><br><h1>Answer</h1> If you&rsquo;re running in a browser, then the easiest way is just to <a href="" rel="noreferrer">let