The Definitive C Book Guide and List

<p>To follow the example of <a href="" rel="external">The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List</a> for C Books here is a wiki post for organization.</p> <p>A tag search for

Calculate age in C#

<p>Given a <span class="inlinecode">DateTime</span> representing a person&rsquo;s birthday, how do I calculate their age in years?</p> <p><br><br><br><h1>Answer</h1> An easy to understand and simple solution.</p> <pre><code>// Save today&amp;#39;s

Cleansing User Passwords

<p>How should I escape or cleanse user-provided passwords before I hash them and store them in my database?</p> <p>When PHP developers consider hashing users&rsquo; passwords for security purposes, they often tend to think of those passwords like th

My PDO Statement doesn't work

<p>This is my PHP sql statement and it&rsquo;s returning false while var dumping</p> <pre><code>$password_md5 = md5($_GET[&amp;#39;password&amp;#39;]); $sql = $dbh-&amp;gt;prepare(&amp;#39;INSERT INTO users(full_name, e_mail, username, password, pas

Use of var keyword in C#

<p>After discussion with colleagues regarding the use of the &lsquo;var&rsquo; keyword in C# 3 I wondered what people&rsquo;s opinions were on the appropriate uses of type inference via var?</p> <p>For example I rather lazily used var in questionabl

Prolog union for A U B U C

<p>I&rsquo;ve started to learn Prolog recently and I can&rsquo;t solve how to make union of three lists.</p> <p>I was able to make union of 2 lists :</p> <pre><code>%element element(X,[X|_]). element(X,[_|Y]):- element(X,Y). %union

How do I shuffle an array in Swift?

<p>How do I randomize or shuffle the elements within an array in Swift? For example, if my array consists of 52 playing cards, I want to <strong>shuffle</strong> the array in order to shuffle the deck.</p> <p><br><br><br><h1>Answer</h1> This answer

check if row exists with mysql

<p>I need help checking if a row exists. I am getting &ldquo;email no longer exists;.</p> <p>Is there a better way to check if row exists with mysqli?</p> <pre><code>if (count($_POST)) { $email = $dbl-&amp;gt;real_

Send attachments with PHP Mail()?

<p>I need to send a pdf with mail, is it possible?</p> <pre><code>$to = &amp;#34;xxx&amp;#34;; $subject = &amp;#34;Subject&amp;#34; ; $message = &amp;#39;Example message with &amp;lt;b&amp;gt;html&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;&amp;#39;; $headers = &amp;#39;MIM

Good PHP ORM Library?

<p>Is there a good object-relational-mapping library for PHP?</p> <p>I know of <a href="" rel="noreferrer">PDO</a> /ADO, but they seem to only provide abstraction of differences between database vendors not

T-SQL split string

<p>I have a SQL Server 2008 R2 column containing a string which I need to split by a comma. I have seen many answers on StackOverflow but none of them works in R2. I have made sure I have select permissions on any split function examples. Any help gr

Read file line by line

<p>The contents of file.txt are:</p> <pre><code>5 3 6 4 7 1 10 5 11 6 12 3 12 4 </code></pre> <p>Where <span class="inlinecode">5 3</span> is a coordinate pair. How do I process this data line by line in C++?</p> <p>I am able to get the first li

MySQL pivot table

<p>If I have a MySQL table looking something like this:</p> <h2 id="company-name-action-pagecount">company_name action pagecount</h2> <p>Company A PRINT 3 Company A PRINT 2 Company A PRINT 3 Company B EMAIL<br />

srand() — why call it only once?

<p>This question is about a comment in this question <a href="" rel="external">Recommended way to initialize srand?</a> . The first comment says that <span class="inlinecod

jQuery Data vs Attr?

<p>What is the difference in usage between <span class="inlinecode">$.data</span> and <span class="inlinecode">$.attr</span> when using <span class="inlinecode">data-someAttribute</span> ?</p> <p>My understanding is that <span class="inlinecode">

Get the full URL in PHP

<p>I use this code to get the full URL:</p> <pre><code>$actual_link = &amp;#39;http://&amp;#39;.$_SERVER[&amp;#39;HTTP_HOST&amp;#39;].$_SERVER[&amp;#39;PHP_SELF&amp;#39;]; </code></pre> <p>The problem is that I use some masks in my <span class="in

jQuery scroll to element

<p>I have this <span class="inlinecode">input</span> element:</p> <pre><code>&amp;lt;input type=&amp;#34;text&amp;#34; class=&amp;#34;textfield&amp;#34; value=&amp;#34;&amp;#34; id=&amp;#34;subject&amp;#34; name=&amp;#34;subject&amp;#34;&amp;gt; <

.prop() vs .attr()

<p>So <a href="" rel="noreferrer">jQuery 1.6</a> has the new function <a href="" rel="noreferrer"><span class="inlinecode">prop()</span> </a> .</p> <pre><code>$(selector).click(fu

Use of Application.DoEvents()

<p>Can <span class="inlinecode">Application.DoEvents()</span> be used in C#?</p> <p>Is this function a way to allow the GUI to catch up with the rest of the app, in much the same way that VB6&rsquo;s <span class="inlinecode">DoEvents</span> does?<

PHP global in functions

<p>What is the utility of the <a href="" rel="external">global keyword</a> ?</p> <p>Are there any reasons to prefer one method to another?</p> <ul><li>Security

Check if object is array?

<p>I&rsquo;m trying to write a function that either accepts a list of strings, or a single string. If it&rsquo;s a string, then I want to convert it to an array with just the one item. Then I can loop over it without fear of an error.</p> <p>So how

How do you append to a file?

<p>How do you append to the file instead of overwriting it? Is there a special function that appends to the file?</p> <p><br><br><br><h1>Answer</h1></p> <pre><code>with open(&amp;#34;test.txt&amp;#34;, &amp;#34;a&amp;#34;) as myfile: myfile.wri

Alarm Manager Example

<p>I want to implement a schedule function in my project. So I Googled for an Alarm manager program but I can`t find any examples.</p> <p>Can anyone help me with a basic alarm manager program?</p> <p><br><br><br><h1>Answer</h1> <strong>This is work

Parsing JSON file with PHP

<p>I tried to parse a JSON file using PHP. But I am stuck now.</p> <p>This is my JSON file</p> <pre><code>{ &amp;#34;John&amp;#34;: { &amp;#34;status&amp;#34;:&amp;#34;Wait&amp;#34; }, &amp;#34;Jennifer&amp;#34;: { &amp;

Alternative for PHP_excel

<p>Is there any alternative for PHP_excel which can &ldquo;Export to XLSX/XLS&rdquo; file in a customized format?</p> <blockquote><strong>This is a <a href="" rel="external">General Reference</a> question for t

How to split a string in Java

<p>I have a string, <span class="inlinecode">&#34;004-034556&#34;</span> , that I want to split into two strings:</p> <pre><code>string1=004 string2=034556 </code></pre> <p>That means the first string will contain the characters before <span clas

How to check iOS version?

<p>I want to check if the <span class="inlinecode">iOS</span> version of the device is greater than <span class="inlinecode">3.1.3</span> I tried things like:</p> <pre><code>[[UIDevice currentDevice].systemVersion floatValue] </code></pre> <p>bu

Using fflush(stdin)

<p>So a quick Google search for <span class="inlinecode">fflush(stdin)</span> for clearing the input buffer reveals numerous websites warning against using it. And yet that&rsquo;s exactly how my CS professor taught the class to do it.</p> <p>How b

Python division

<p>I was trying to normalize a set of numbers from -100 to 0 to a range of 10-100 and was having problems only to notice that even with no variables at all, this does not evaluate the way I would expect it to:</p> <pre><code>&amp;gt;&amp;gt;&amp;gt;

What is the purpose of self?

<p>What is the purpose of the <span class="inlinecode">self</span> word in Python? I understand it refers to the specific object created from that class, but I can&rsquo;t see why it explicitly needs to be added to every function as a parameter. To