Cleansing User Passwords

<p>How should I escape or cleanse user-provided passwords before I hash them and store them in my database?</p> <p>When PHP developers consider hashing users&rsquo; passwords for security purposes, they often tend to think of those passwords like th

Join vs. sub-query

<p>I am an old-school MySQL user and have always preferred <span class="inlinecode">JOIN</span> over sub-query. But nowadays everyone uses sub-query and I hate it, I don&rsquo;t know why.</p> <p>I lack the theoretical knowledge to judge for myself

Explicit vs implicit SQL joins

<p>Is there any efficiency difference in an explicit vs implicit inner join? For example:</p> <pre><code>select * from table a inner join table b on a.id = b.id; </code></pre> <p>vs.</p> <pre><code>select a.*, b.* from table a, table b where a.id